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Orthopedic Clinic in Šalata in Zagreb Designed by the Architect Egon Steinmann Inauguration of Croatian Modernism

Iva Muraj

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This article analyzes the Orthopedic clinic in Šalata in Zagreb designed by the architect Egon Steinmann and built in the early 1930’s. The building may be considered one of the major projects of public buildings in Zagreb and an important component of the city image. It is also a significant segment of Steinmann’s work between the two World Wars. On the basis of a thorough review and analysis of the Orthopedic clinic, this article aims to provide a basis for an understanding of Egon Steinmann’s work within the context of Zagreb’s modern architecture between the two World Wars.

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Orthopedic clinic, Modernism, Steinmann, Egon, Šalata, Zagreb

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