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Marina Jemrić ; Osnovna škola Julija Benešića, Ilok, Hrvatska

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This paper analyses the poems by Ante Benešić, comprised in three collections published during his lifetime, Pjesme (1905), Pjesama knjiga druga (1906) and Anakreontika (1913), from the point of view of their expression and content, the position of the embodied lyrical subject, the present self-referentiality, the identified intertextual modifications and finally the then contemporary poetic creation. For the first time this paper will give a critical parallel view of the three collections of poetry by Ante Barešić, this often neglected author, whose literary and artistic appearance, in fact, was a true artistic refreshment within the poetry of the Croatian Literary Modernism.

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Benešić’s colections of poetry, expression and content, Anacreontic poetry, "sremisising of Anacreontica", self-referentiality of the text

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