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Nursery school culture – a continually changing and learning system

Lidija Vujičić ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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Th e paper discusses the culture of nursery schools as communities, as live systems recognised by relationships among people, the work they perform together, their institution management, their organisational and material environment and the degree of dedication to learning and exploring. The concept of nursery school culture is directly related to the philosophy of organisational learning and systematic understanding – we discuss whether and how the institutional development of nursery school culture may be self-organising. In this context, we support professional development programmes initiated and run by the teachers themselves and other immediate participants of this process (professional team members, headmasters) in their respective institutions, as well as in institutions with which they want to cooperate and not only participate in the organisation (self-organising) but continually initiate changes necessary for an adequate adjustment to a particular teaching group, child or nursery school (self-initiated and self-improving changes). We support a systematic approach to a networked community that teaches and promotes systematic thinking in action as a part of the integrated strategy for changing the structure and culture of early and pre-school education.

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institutional development, nursery school culture, self-organising, systematic thinking, networked community

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