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Goals of permanent professional improvement: teachers’ opinions

Daria Tot ; Osnovna škola “Milan Brozović”, Kastav
Anita Klapan ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci Odsjek za pedagogiju

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The paper brings the results acquired by examining opinions of teachers on the importance and desirability of those goals of professional improvement which meliorate the most the professional teacher development. The research was conveyed on the sample of four hundred and thirty-four primary and secondary school teachers from nine counties in Croatia. The final results show that the professional teacher improvement programs are still focused on those professional improvements or teacher competences which support traditional approach to education. The examinees underline the need for modernising teacher competences as an important prerequisite for realisation of modern educational curriculum and lifelong learning. The key goal of permanent professional improvement would be reached more easily when the teachers would be qualified to: make quick and correct decisions which will improve the teaching and learning quality; be able to act individually and in teams; and to evaluate and self-evaluate the achievements and the teaching and learning process. Twenty-four teacher competences have been extracted into three latent factors, or crucial competences, by the factor analysis. These are: the ability to apply innovations, communicational and computing knowledge and skills; the abilities for pedagogic research and analytical works; and the abilities for individual and team deciding. The results gained in this research have an applicational value. They show which goals should receive a particular attention when defining curriculum of permanent professional teacher improvement.

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goals of professional improvement, lifelong learning, teacher competences, educational curriculum, professional development

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