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The interrelatedness between the culture of educational institutions and quality changes of educational practice

Lidija Vujičić ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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Extensive reasearch has established that quality changes in education can occur with a change of structure and atmosphere in educational institutions, which is referred to as change of culture of an educational institution. In determining the culture of an educational institution, the starting point is the general notion of culture as a basis for understanding the culture of an organisation. An educational institution is discussed in terms of an organisation, whereas culture is discussed in terms of an integral element of general culture and value system as a whole. Definitions of diverse authors are stated, which illustrate that there is no unique definition of culture of educational institutions; authors define culture differently, pointing out that it should be put into social context. Most explanations refer to specific values, beliefs and expectations of the people in an institution, their typical behaviour, that is their habits, the ways in which they understand and interpret daily events in the institution, etc. In order to establish optimum connections between this concept and the direct changes of educational practice, certain elements of culture of educational institutions are also discussed. In that manner changing the culture of educational institutions is an evolutionary process in which implementation of innovations is possible at the level of each educational institution, whereas the journey towards quality changes is determined as a long-lasting, mutual research work of all participants within the more immediate or wider social community.

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culture, culture of an organisation, culture of an educational institution, elements of culture of an educational institution, teacher

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