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International intercultural cooperation in education

Siegfried Gehrmann ; Učiteljski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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Preconditions for intercultural cooperaton in the field of education in Europe are developing paradigmatically following the example of the founding of German-Croatian scientific and teaching Center for European education in Zagreb. It is evident that the notion of education in the context of globalisation and European integration is undergoing increasing transnationalisation while the education itself is taking part in competition structures in a growing manner. With this at hand, universities are facing the necessity of organising themselves in international cooperation networks so as to balance out their weaknesses and combine their strengths. Hence, at the center of the strategy of university internationalisation lies the language question, i.e. whether transnationalisation should develop exclusively through the English language or through the concept of multilingualism.

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intercultural cooperation, higher education institutions, strategies of internationalisation

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