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Secular Europe and the new placement of religion into the society

Ivan Janez Štuhec orcid id

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The entering of the former Yugoslav states into European integrations poses a question for the states and churches how to place the religion into the society over again and consequently regulate the relationship between the religious and public institutions. The Catholic Church accepted the fact of secularization in the field of political life at the Second Vatican Council. In the last decades, a part of the secular world has discussed the role of religion in the society. In his review, Michael Reder thus posits a thesis that one could talk about a new attention towards religion. On this basis, the author builds the relationship between the state and the church and posits a thesis that religion is a legitimate factor in the society, that it has a cultural role, that religious communities are communities of interests and that the Catholic Church is an international legal subject. All this indicates that the church in the social sense should rely more and more on an individual. For the church as an institutional guardian of freedom of religious beliefs, it is vital that the society and its authorities acknowledge that a man is a spiritual and religious being, as well, and that the society is bound not only to respect this dimension but to enable it a full development and operation. In the last chapter of the article, the problem of placing the religion in the Slovenian society after the social changes is presented. As a matter of fact, in Slovenia there has always been a tendency to create a laicist and secularist society out of a healthy notion of the secular society which a part of politics has promoted as their world view. The latter contradicts the democratic and pluralist principles of a secular state and its legal order.

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church, religious communities, secularization, state, religion, society, culture, private, public, personal

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