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Historical sources for Andrija Kačić Miošić’s "Poem about banus Zrinović and emperor Suliman"

Miroslav Palameta

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In "The Pleasant Conversation of Slavic People", Andrija Kačić Miošić often indicates Latin and Italian texts as the sources for the historical events he poeticized in asymmetric decasyllable verse, making them accessible to those who cannot understand the original texts. Juxtaposing thus the culture of the written word and oral tradition, without excluding the tradition but enriching it, he created a reading audience that no other Croatian book had managed to do before him. There are poems in "The Pleasant Conversation of Slavic People" for which sources have not been acknowledged and these have aroused scholarly curiosity. One such poem is the “Poem about banus Zrinović and emperor Suliman”, which depicts one of the most important themes of Croatian epics from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century: Nikola Šubić Zrinjski and the defence of Siget. This poem is the focus of this paper, and on an intertextual level, not only will the poem’s sources be analysed, but so will the process of versification. Subsequently, the paper will show that Giovanni Sagredo, whose work is firmly based on Ferenc Črnko’s record of the events at Siget, is Kačić’s major source for the poem along with Pavao Ritter Vitezović’s chronicle entries. This paper will also show the poem’s relation to the epic tradition of the “zriniad” and indicators of Kačić’s reception in Croatian art in the nineteenth century.

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Andrija Kačić Miošić, sources, transstylisation, transmotivation, tradition

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