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Some aspects of modelling of line screen element reflectance profile within the Monte Carlo method

Krunoslav Hajdek ; University of Applied Sciences Varaždin, J. Križanića 33/6, Varaždin, Croatia
Petar Miljković ; Media University, Trg bana Jelačića 6, Koprivnica, Croatia
Damir Modrić orcid id ; Faculty of Graphic Arts, Getaldićeva 2, Zagreb, Croatia

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Better understanding of how internal structural changes affect the optical properties requires modelling the composite structure of a paper layer. We propose a Monte Carlo simulation platform, which allows different geometrical representations of the inner paper structure. Monte Carlo Modelling is a method that can be used to simulate photon interaction with substrate (in our case paper). The model can be built such that increasing complexity can be added as the model is being developed. Thus, the model is developed from a simple concept of random number generation to a very accurate interpretation of photon propagation in paper. We applied the model to the analysis of the effect of dot gain. The above model was used to analyse the effect of weight gain dot gain of printed lines of different thicknesses. The simulation results are in good agreement with measurements of reflection after having additionally introduced a "filter" function that permanently removes photons thereby adapting simulated values to the measured ones. Within the framework of the simulation, we can estimate the number of photons that ends below the screen element causing a possible increase of the optical dot gain.

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Monte Carlo simulation, optical dot gain, subsurface scattering in paper

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