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Samira Fazlić orcid id ; University of Tuzla, Faculty of Economics Tuzla
Senad Fazlović ; University of Tuzla, Faculty of Economics Tuzla

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Tourism and hotel industry are one of the main priorities in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Development of tourism is based primarily on raising the quality of hotel services. Hotel industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is determined by an insufficient level of service quality, unfavourable structure and a low degree of capacity utilization. In an effort to improve the quality of services in hotel industry, and the satisfaction of tourists from emitting countries, hotel management is often faced with the problem of measuring the quality of services, which is a precondition for managing the quality of
service provision. The biggest problem in determining the quality of hotel services is the lack of a unified model for measuring it, or determining the customer’s satisfaction with the provided service. Therefore, there is a need to determine the dimensions and sub-dimensions of hotel service quality. This paper first presents the initial model for measuring the quality of hotel services. This model identifies five key dimensions of quality through the primary activity process of providing services in hotels. The scale of expectations and a scale of perceptions are used to measure the dimensions identified in the initial model. They are then subjected to a factor analysis in order to determine whether there are basic dimensions or factors that coincide with the initial five dimensions of service quality. Reliability analysis
is then conducted and the complex reliability of the structures is calculated so that the internal consistency of each of the three factors can be measured. On the basis of the study results, the paper proposes a final model for measuring the quality of hotel services, with the aim of improving the tourism market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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measuring service quality, dimensions of service quality, hotel industry, factor analysis, reliability analysis

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