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Social influences on the education of women in Arab countries

Mirko Lukaš
Darko Samardžić

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This paper analyzes categories which influence education of women in Arab countries. The objective is to explore the existence of social elements that have negative effects on education of women. Theoretical part lists countries that are object of the study, as well as their geographical characteristics and population. Analysis of basic social characteristics shows the identity of Arabian nations, and the influence of those characteristics on their way of living. Aim of the research will be accomplished by answering the hypothesis which states that Arabian society deprives women of their right to education. This paper analyzes legislation, women’s political rights, and the characteristics of society and religion that are associated with education of women. Given categories have answered the question if there are any theoretical assumptions of inequality in education of women within Arab countries. Statistical indicators of illiteracy rate and primary and secondary school attendance have contributed to the realistic insight in education of women in Arab countries. The final part of this paper shows the results of the extent to which the analyzed categories affect the education of women, and their inequality in society.

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Arab countries; society; education of women; literacy; gender equality

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