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Vocabulary learning strategies in Croatian as a second and foreign language

Mihaela Tabak orcid id ; Fakultet prometnih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu
Antonia Ordulj ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Croaticum – Centar za hrvatski kao drugi i strani jezik

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Various general and specific factors may influence second/foreign language acquisition pro-cess (mother tongue, inborn universal grammar, cognitive development). Language learning strategies, as well as motivation and language aptitude, are among the crucial specific factors, and have been subject of numerous studies, resulting in different points of view. Appropriate usage of vocabulary learning strategies enhances the linguistic competence of the user. Since one of the most important goals of language teaching is increasing the lexical competence of the user, this study aims to investigate the use of vocabulary learning strategies among the Croatian language course participants at Croaticum. We would like to establish which vocabu-lary learning strategies are used, and if the beginners and the advanced users differ in strategy use. The instruments included Vocabulary Learning Strategies Questionnaire (Pavičić, 2003), demographic questionnaire, cloze-tests and interviews. The results indicate that the partici-pants use three different types of vocabulary learning strategies: strategies of formal vocabu-lary learning and practicing, self-initiated independent vocabulary learning strategies and inci-dental vocabulary learning strategies. The role of the strategies in lexical competence devel-opment has not been researched in Croatian as a second/foreign language, so we believe that the results of this study will provide insights into this issue.

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Croatian as a second/foreign language, vocabulary learning strategies, verbal protocols, cross-linguistic influence (CLI), cognitive learning theory

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