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The researche of the translation of minor prophets from the Breviary of Vid Omišljanin by J. Vajs

Zdenka Ribarova

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The research of the translation of Minor Prophets from the Breviary of Vid Omišljanin by J. Vajs
The subject of the paper is Vajs's manuscript study of Staroslověnský překlad Malých proroků. Přispěvek k dějinám staroslověnského překladu from the heritage of Josef Kurz. This study was planned as an introduction to the never realized completion of the edition of Minor prophets, based on the texts from the Breviary of Vid Omišljanin. Completing his earlier works with the data from the unpublished Books of the prophets (Amos, Mihej, Abdija, Jona i Naum), J. Vajs summarized the conclusion which he reached while working on the Croato-Glagolitic texts. In the Annex the integral text of Vajs's study is given.
The author hopes that in this way the basis for future research of the texts of the Minor prophets in Croato-Glagolitic literautre, for which the foundations were undoubtedly layed by Vajs, will be completed.

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