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Project-based learning - area of improving the quality of school

Ines Visković ; Osnovna škola Don Lovre Katića, Solin, Hrvatska

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In finding the best ways to accomplish learning goals one of the possible didactic solutions would be project-based learning. Ravitz et al. (2012) describe project-based learning as a concept that involves creating conditions which would help students learn more complex knowledge and skills vital for the life in the 21st century. This concept holds many challenges for both teachers and schools, and many issues arise in its implementation. The effective solution for the implementation problems of project-based learning in schools necessary involves self-evaluation of the teaching process. Self-evaluation is a process that systematically monitors, analyses and assesses the work performance in order to permanently achieve better quality and create a more productive working surroundings. This paper shows an example of a school development plan, as an integral part of the self-evaluation process, that defines the project-based learning as a priority area in improving the school processes and development goals which derive from them.

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implementation of project-based learning, project-based learning, school development plan, self-evaluation, quality of school

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