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Architect Ivo Bartolić; Modernist Architecture of Sisak; City Museum in Sisak 25/11/2016 - 15/01/2017

Melita Čavlović

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In November 2016 the City Museum of Sisak hosted the exhibition ”Architect Ivan Bartolić - the Modernist Architecture of Sisak”. The exhibition presented Bartolić’s works between the 1950s and the 1960s as well as a documentary about architecture and standards of the workers’ new housing developments in Sisak. The accompanying catalogue contains three texts about the entire collection of Bartoliæ’s works, the historical context of the city’s housing construction, and an overview of Bartolić’s architecture in Sisak. A valuable catalogue of Bartolić’s exhibited projects is also included as well as the architect’s detailed biography. It is expected that this fruitful collaboration will continue into the future and result in a monograph edition dedicated to Ivo Bartolić and his entire work.

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