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Integrative Didactics, Generic Competences and Preparation of Students ror the World of Work

Vesna Buljubašić-Kuzmanović ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Osijeku, Republika Hrvatska
Ružica Pažin Ilakovac ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Osijeku, Republika Hrvatska
Senka Gazibara ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Osijeku, Republika Hrvatska

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Modern theorists and educational, but also employment analysts, emphasize, alongside professional, generic competences, their flexibility, multifunctionality and portability in the development of cultural, social, human and intellectual capital. One of the main components of this approach is the promotion of key competences needed for the labor market and lifelong learning. They are transferable and applicable in different learning contexts that enable achieving goals, solving problems and different types of tasks and preparing students for the working world and employment.Integrative didactics, as theory of attachment and action, directs the entire system of education on development processes "to know", "to do" and "to be". To know relates to learning outcomes within the discipline, to do on the learning outcomes which associate disciplines, and to be on the learning outcomes that transcend disciplines. Monodisciplinary, cross‐disciplinary and integrative connecting encourages metacognitive and self‐regulated learning, contributes to the development of a functional, useful and usable knowledge in daily life. The aim of this study was to examine how the study programs of teaching direction are devoted with attention and time to the development of generic competences and to present their contribution to preparing students for the world of work. The sample included 60 (92%) students of 1st and 2nd year of the double‐major graduate pedagogy study. The research results show that during the study the most encouraged is the development of interpersonal, then instrumental and least the system competence of students. System competences are crucial for social and cultural transaction, integration and partnership, problem solving and application of knowledge in practice. It is necessary to devote more attention and time to the promotion of their development during the study.

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competencies; higher education; integrative pedagogy; students; the world of work

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