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Heidegger’s criticism of bolshevism and liberalism

Goran Gretić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatska

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str. 37-51

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The article discusses Heidegger’s advocacy of the idea of national-socialism and through contextual reading of Black Notebooks, his criticism of communism and Anglo-American liberalism. Taking into account the intellectual and the political context in which Black Notebooks were written, the author offers insight into Heidegger’s peculiar antisemitism and its link to his wider philosophical project on the history of the Being. This approach, the author shows, is in the core of Heidegger’s criticism of Soviet communism. Last part of the paper is devoted to the comparison of Dostoyevsky’s view on the role of Russian people with Heidegger’s view on that topic.

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Heidegger, Black Notebooks, National Socialism, communism, bolshevism, liberalism

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