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Thinkable and Unthinkable

Daniel Bučan orcid id ; Laginjina 3, HR–10000 Zagreb

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The subject of this paper is the question whether beyond the boundary of the thinkable there is something that is not only non-sensible, but un-thinkable as well. The paper argues that, as there is a khōrismos that divides the sensible dimension of the Being from the thinkable dimension of it, it could be presupposed that there is a khōrismos which divides the thinkable dimension from the un-thinkable. The argumentation that follows the mentioned presupposition is taken from Al-Ġazālī who is among those thinkers who believe this is true. Al- Ġazālī’s arguments are then supported by arguments from Plato’s famous Seventh letter.

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man’s powers of cognizance, thinkable, un-thinkable, theōria (intellectual insight), thea (vision), Al-Ġazālī, Plato

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