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Activities and social networks in the leisure time of young teenagers

Marija Rattinger ; Osnovna škola Bartola Kašića, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Students’ leisure time is the time they still have after they have completed all their school and family duties. There are various ways in which students can spend their free time, and various possibilities of influencing the way they spend it (Byrne et al., 2006). This paper explores how much leisure time young teenagers have, how they spend it, and to what extent and in which ways online social networks are present in the free time of the research population. The results indicate that young teenagers have about four hours of free time a day, on average, and that during that time about 75% of respondents participate in various organized leisure activities. Furthermore, 89% of respondents have profiles on online social networks, and spend about one third of their free time online. Despite the high interest they express for this kind of socializing, the majority of respondents prefer meeting their peers face to face. The paper suggests that there is a need for more organized outdoor activities, which would make it possible for teenagers to spend time with their peers, and that more attention should be paid to media education.

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organized leisure activities, online activities, profile

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