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GENERAL LEGAL AND POLITICAL QUESTIONS OF REGIONAL ORGANIZATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA (A contribution to administering the development of local and regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia)

Ivan Puhek ; samostalni pravni istraživač

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str. 21-61

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The text deals rvith the définition of the notion of the region as an intermediate level territory, between local and state territories. Certain problems of legality and legitimacy in constitutional and legal anticipation of régions in the Republie of Croatia are pointed out. Paradigms from Anglo-Saxon, Roman and German Systems are presented. In particular, a comparison of thè city o f Vienna with Zagreb
has been made. The présentation ofthe organization of the Republic of Croatia intő counties indicates unitary attributes of the Croatian counties (de lege lata) and opinions on the establishment of régions as a form of an intermediate level of the organization of thè state. For the purposes of organizational changes, Parameters for reconsideration are established. Within the framework of cooperative regionalism, giving the examples o f the USA and Austria, forms and instruments of coopération in the fields o f legislative and executive powers are shown, particularly
the significance o f regional developmental and other programs as well as infornai activities. In the successful functioning o f régions, especially in the realization of horizontal and vertical coopération, représentations of certain territories in thè state legislature hâve an important rôle.

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regional organization, region, regionalization, country

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