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“Happiness is when Dad and I play football” – Children’s talk about emotions

Jelena Vignjević orcid id ; Učiteljski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatska
Matea Brandt ; Dječji vrtić Svetog Vinka, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 85-106

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Enabling language skills is a lifelong process, but never as intense as in the early and pre-school age. Like other children’s development segments, language development is a dynamic and complex phenomenon, associated with numerous biological and environmental factors. Thus, language development is irreconcilably linked to emotional development and allows one another to grow – language is also built up through emotional interaction with the environment and emotional experience is expressed in language. This paper describes the research of understanding and language expression of emotions in early and pre-school period. The aim was to identify language, primarily speech skills in children’s talk about emotions. The respondents are speakers of Croatian as a mother tongue in early and pre-school age, and the research was conducted in time of their stay in kindergarten. The results confirmed that childhood understanding is strongly related to experience and that language competence increases in the verbalization of emotions with growing age. The results showed that less than half of the respondents of this age show the competence of verbalizing emotions. This research has limited implications, but opens the way for reflection on the incentive of family and kindergarten environments for a harmonious child language and emotional development.

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speech development, emotional development, early and pre-school age

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