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Consonantism of the Local Dialect of Zaglav on Dugi Otok

Robert Špralja orcid id

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The paper is based on ten years of field research followed by description of conso¬nant features of the local dialect of Zaglav on Dugi Otok, which belongs to Middle Čakavian dialect. We were further motivated by omissions of previous researchers, as well as lightning-fast changes we are witnessing in the speech of younger generations. Therefore, the research was primarily oriented at older age group’s speech, especially those speakers who satisfied dialectological criteria. However, middle and younger age group’s speech was carefully researched, too, to determine the extent to which they preserved the typical Čakavian linguistic lines, i.e. what is the proportion of (Neo-Štokavian) innovations, and if the touch with neighboring speeches, especially of Sali, has left a kind of mark on their speech. The current situation was compared with the rest of Čakavian dialects of Dugi Otok, and so¬metimes, when it seemed useful, with some other speeches, and not just those of Middle Čakavian physiognomy. Principle is mainly synchronic and, if necessary, diachronic interpretations are given.
It was found that the speech of conservative speakers is characterized by keeping Čakavian elements, as well by some innovations, which partially are attributable to the influence of Neo-Štokavian immigrants somewhere in the 16th,17th centuries (e.g., moždani ‘brain’, beside older Čakavian form muženali ‖ mužeńali). The pre¬dominance of innovation is being witnessed in speech of non-conservative ones in the field of consonantism, with some exceptions (e.g., consistently keeping the x, f, jd, jt, differentiation of č and t’). It can be said that the intertwining of archaic and innovative elements marks consonantism of Zaglavian speech.

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Čakavian; Middle Čakavian dialect; consonantism; archaisms; innovations; Zaglav

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