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The Contrastive Syntax of the Croatian Language in the Grammar School Textbook by Ivo Pranjković: the Contrastive Approach to Dialectal Units

Jadranka Nemeth-Jajić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu, Split, Hrvatska

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str. 27-38

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For the first time within the syntactic description of Croatian dialects in high school textbooks, Ivo Pranjković has applied a contrastive approach, thus introducing a new model of presenting dialectal units. In a chapter of the grammar school textbook Hrvatski jezik 3 (The Croatian Language 3) Pranjković compares the syntactic features of the Chakavian, Kajkavian and Stokavian dialects in their mutual relations as well as in relation to the standard language. The contrastive approach to teaching the Croatian language is not new, but it is still inadequately applied in practice, which is an incentive to analyse the chapter in question with more attention. The paper pinpoints the manifestations of the contrastive approach in this textbook and compares it with the approaches to the dialectical units in other high school textbooks. It also points to the advantages of applying the contrastive approach, as well as to the reasons for its usefulness in the study of the Croatian language at all levels of education.

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Croatian dialects, contrastive approach, Croatian language high school textbooks

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