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Poetics of Anti-Journalism in A.B. Simic's Essays

Jela Sabljić-Vujica ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Mostaru, Mostar, BiH

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str. 305-324

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A. B. Simic's essayistic work is characterized by the usage of critical, polemical, programmatic and aphoristic devices in an unambiguous affirmation of the expressive nature of artistic creature and an unequivocal negation of poetic adequacy and ethical traditionalism. The unambiguity of critical and poetical utterances unveils a tendentious configuration of Simic's discourse. Such structuring is most clearly manifested in Simic's antagonistic attitude towards the concept and model of journalism which is understood in the author's perspective as a specified value. Using the dialectical insights of critical theory, especially those by Habermas, Bloch's historical and philosophical insights, Foucault, Koselleck, and Terry Eagleton's literary theory, this paper aims to specify the connection between the principle and purposefulness of the modern discourse as a crucial fact, both in conceptualization and shaping of Simic's poetry of anti-journalism, as well as in understanding and shaping of modern discourse in general.

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anti-dogmatism; anti-journalism; critics; modernism; poetics

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