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Tabulae pictae at the Petris-Moise Palace in Cres

Tea Sušanj Protić ; Ministarstvo kulture - Uprava za zaštitu kulturne baštine Konzervatorski odjel u Rijeci

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This paper presents the new finds of Renaissance wooden ceilings at the Petris-Moise Palace in Cres, decorated with painted panels and mural paintings. The construction elements, such as the composite massive beam known as trave leonardesca, are technically sophisticated and constructed in accordance with the Renaissance treatises on architecture. The painted ceiling panels are still a unique find in Croatia as to their installation and painting method, but are related to numerous painting cycles in the noble residences of southern France, Spain, Switzerland and northern Italy dating from the 14th until the mid-16th century. As for the dimensions, the pigments used, the installation and painting method, and the represented motifs, the closest analogy has been found in some Friulan examples. The difference, however, is that the Cres examples almost entirely belong to the visual language of grotesque, since they were produced somewhat later, at the time when this kind of decorative repertoire had already become highly appreciated. The constructions and decorative elements are a result of the Renaissance rebuilding in the second half of the 16th century, when the walls were painted as well. Based on an analysis of the heraldic symbols and motifs, and their comparison with the historical data on the Petris family, the commissioner has been identified as the Imperial Golden Knight Ivan Juraj Petris, a close relative of Franciscus Patricius (Petris). It has been assumed that the painting cycle was created under the influence of this renowned Renaissance philosopher.

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Renaissance wooden ceiling; painted ceiling panels; Renaissance residential architecture; grotesque; Golden Knight Ivan Juraj Petris; Renaissance Cres

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