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Painting as a Field of Introspection

Ivica Župan

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The oeuvre of Sunčanica Tuk consists of pulsating, restless factures, composed of vertical, always different moves systematized in sequences, with paint often oozing from them owing to their nervation and pulsation. Her opus is a truly subtle and cultivated self-analysis, a sublime psychogram, something that transforms the artist’s mental state into an immediate human trace, suitable, as the painter says, “for the deepest contemplative dive” into the secrets of her undoubtedly spiritually rich being, for expressing her complex psychic constellation and mental tensions, neuralgia, even drama – which the artist, as it seems, keeps experiencing over and over again. It is a soliloquy rather than a dialogue with the world: an encrypted and masked language of ambiguity and vagueness, a speech in hints that will not be understood by everyone, yet shocks and inspires the observer.

Ključne riječi

sequence; sign; non-reference; nervation; self-analysis; psychogram; psychic seismograph; polyptych; serialism; neuralgia; ecstatic quality

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