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Bankruptcy from the Employees' Viewpoint: A Croatian Company

Vjekoslav Afrić

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This research is one of the few in search of the answer as to how
employees perceive their work environment after bankruptcy. In a
company which was taken over by a new owner after bankruptcy
proceedings, a research was conducted in which 119 employees
participated, i.e. the whole accessible population of employees.
The results indicate a great deal of dissatisfaction with different
aspects of the work. The employees are less satisfied with their
salaries, employment stability, while they are somewhat more content with human interrelationships. The socio-demographic
features of the employees do not have any influence on the satisfaction
or dissatisfaction expressed regarding these aspects of
work. The feeling of helplessness in contributing to the success of
the company with one's own work is widely spread, and almost
half the employees are thinking of leaving the company of their
own accord. The employees' opinions on the fundamental causes
of bankruptcy are concentrated around two points: on the one
hand apostrophized is the incompetence of the old management
reflected in the faulty business policy and inferior work organization,
and on the other, private interests, theft and "fraud" are
stressed as the causes of bankruptcy resulting in a deliberate
business breakdown in the pretransitional period of one of the
largest Croatian companies in the printing industry.

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