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Pedagogic activity of Dragojla Jarnević in the context of conceptual domain of her Diary

Ivana Odža orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Splitu, Hrvatska

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In this paper, the author interprets information about Dragojla Jarnević’s pedagogical activity in the context of her Diary. The author analyses Jarnević’s personal motivation and concepts that had preceded it as well as the basic guidelines and presented interests of Jarnević’s pedagogic engagement. In her Diary, Dragojla Jarnević interchanges two viewpoints – the viewpoint of a subject who belongs to a certain time and place in which she lives and actively participates, and the viewpoint of a literary subject who analyses selected events from her own everyday life. Jarnević’s outlook on the pedagogical issues is further examined, especially in its relation to the socio-cultural discourse within which she had articulated her ideas.
The ideas of Dragojla Jarnević are rooted in the Christian tradition which has influenced her upbringing. Jarnević’s ideas are also coloured by patriotic views characteristic of her time. She has developed a specific feminist standpoint as well, given that the education of women was in the focus of her interests.
The versatility of Jarnević’s pedagogical ideas, as indicated in her diaries, reflects the development of educational thought in our region. Her pedagogical activities have resulted in advanced pedagogical ideas, some of which are still relevant today. Three aspects that have influenced Jarnević’s pedagogical engagement (Christianity, patriotism, feminism) offer multitude of interpretations of still relevant pedagogical, feminist, cultural, and literary questions.

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diary prose, Diary of Dragojla Jarnević, patriotism, feminism, pedagogic work of Dragojla Jarnević, literary subject, tradition

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