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The Idea of State

Daniel Giltard

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When the idea of state is discussed, that discussion exceeds the framework of state activity. That is, in that case, the public policies which a state produces must also be considered. Here the author stresses that there are several reasons why often there is no need to pose the questions of what is state and from where does state originate? The opinion of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is given as one reason. He emphasizes „amnesia of genesis “of any successful institution. Namely, according to the opinion of Pierre Bourdieu, an institution is successful when it succeeds in imposing itself as obvious and thereby does not raise the question of its origin. An institutionalized state simply exists. State reform, its missions and organization, must be prepared intentionally according to what makes a state. Bearing this in mind, the State Council from 2013 to 2015 organized a few conferences on the topic: „Where is the State? “, the conclusion to which is provided in this article. Furthermore, the author poses the question on the inception of this very concept of: when, where, who, how, why? How was the concept of state created? What are, according to lawyers’ opinion, the main characteristics of a state? In addition, the author attempts to offer answers to the questions raised, emphasizing how the state is a continuous creation.

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state; concept; France

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