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Imagenary, Refelxivity and Culturological Analysis of Motifs in Poetic Book Soot and Gild of Marija Čudina

Tin Lemac ; Zagreb
Vinko Drača orcid id ; Zagreb

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In this paper we analyse second poetic book of Marija Čudina Soot and gild from stylistic point of view. We define imagenary and reflectivity like dominant levels of poetic discourse. Imagenary discourse offers a view in sepulchral word in which lyrical subject is in and with reflexive discourse meditations about life and death are derived. We examine interferential zones of these two levels and explain motifs in symbological manner so that we could prove that trip through sepulchral world is described in the poetic book. In addition, motifs are culturologically explained so that we could define origin of sepulchral motifs in imagenary discourse.

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poetry of Marija Čudina, imagenary discourse, reflexive discourse, motifs, stylistics, poetics, interpretation

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