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Midhat Jašić ; Farmacutski fakultet Univerzitet u Tuzli
Nizama Salihefendic ; Medicinski fakultet, Univerzitet u Tuzli, BiH
Muharem Zildžić ; Medicus A Gračanica, BiH
Drago Šubarić ; Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku, Prehrambeno-tehnološki fakultet Osijek, Hrvatska
Marizela Šabanović ; Farmacutski fakultet Univerzitet u Tuzli

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Introduction: Unhealthy eating habits as well as nutritional disorders date back to ancient times, and today due to the effects on health have become worrisome. The most common diseases that are treated as eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and cachexia, and in recent times is orthorexia. In addition to these, all the more important are "binge eating," night overeating syndrome that can be classified as a disease due to its consequences.
Goal and task: To collect and analyze data related to types of nutritional disorders and their identification as a disease.
Results: Anorexia and bulimia with the problem of obesity are serious and complex disorder of the neuro-psychological, behavioral and physiological functioning of the organism, and in 1980 they first appeared in the classification of DSM-III disease, as a subtype of childhood and adolescent disorders. Over the past decade, more eating disorders are increasing, especially those that increase body mass. Unhealthy eating habits arise due to a uniform, excessive and frequent intake of foods as well renunciation of food. Such persons are the most often under chronic stress, can not control their condition, and only remains it by compensate with eating.
Today, a number of nutritional disorders have been identified and need to be classified like diseases such as orthorexia, bigorexia, drankorexia, diabulimia, but also syndrome night overeating, binge eating and others. Orthorexia is present in people who are obsessed with diets and healthy eating, bigorexia occurs in people who eat ingredients for muscle building, and usually intake anabolic steroids. Drunkorexists alcohol drinking wich reduces the need for diverse nutrition and gives rise to various malnutrition. Diabulimia occurs in people with diabetes, and such people deny themselves insulin.
Conclusion: Unhealthy habits and eating disorders such as restrictive diet, overeating and using substances that influence the control of body mass, today present a health problem. These phenomena and conditions to get the right treatment should be differentiated and classified as a disease. This would allow better access to the treatment of such illnesses.

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eating disorders, unhealthy eating habits

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