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Globalization and Education: The Apocalypse of Paradise or the Paradise of Apocalypse


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By describing the shift from the so-called "golden age of school"
and the "golden age of education" to the "golden age of learning",
the author claims that the contemporary changes in education
which stress learning, are the outcomes of three factors:
globalization, post-modern changes in science, and the policies
and programs of international organizations and NGOs. Focusing
her interest on globalization defined as a series of inter-
related changes leading to establishing the world as a whole, she
uses critical analysis to show that educational changes may be
explained by an impact of four globalization trends: a) globalization
as a process of economic integration, b) globalization as a
process of democratic integration, c) globalization as a process
of moral integration, and d) globalization as a basis for global
processes of differentiation. While describing the influence of
each of these trends, she addresses the questions of corporate
impact on national systems of education, development of civic
and democratic literacy as preconditions for the third generation
of human rights protection, development of awareness of interconnections
and common responsibility in the context of global
ethics and sustainable development, and of the impact the
processes of ethnic and national differentiation have on
education in developed and post-communist countries.

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