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The Influence of Teaching in Small Cooperative Groups on Knowledge Acquisition and Students’ Satisfaction


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The aim of this research was to compare the effects of classic
teaching and the effects of cooperative teaching of students.
These effects were observed on the cognitive level
(assessment of stereotype knowledge) and motivational level
(subjective assessment of satisfaction with the teaching
realized). The students (N=71) were separated into two
groups (N1=41, N2=30), and they attended lectures in
developmental psychology, which were presented to them in
two defined ways (the classic method and cooperative
method in small groups). The second, smaller group of
students was divided into two yet smaller groups (15 students
in each). Before and after the teaching process (two months
elapsed comprising 8 lectures and 8 workshops) the
measuring instruments previously mentioned were used to
carry out the examinations. The results of the variance
analysis indicate that there is a difference in the quantity of
stereotypes, which were considerably higher with traditional
education. Significantly greater satisfaction with the way the
teaching was carried out was expressed by students in the
cooperative teaching method group. The different effects of
teaching could be explained by intrinsic motivation, which
developed during cooperative teaching.

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