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Students’ Motives for Enrollment in and Satisfaction with the Curricula of Faculties of Economics and Electrical Engineering in Croatia


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The objective of this research was to determine students’
motives for enrolling in faculties of economics and electrical
engineering and testing whether there are major differences
in the motives influencing the choice of one or the other
faculty. Two hypotheses were put forward: H1: There is a
great difference between the motives for enrolling in the
faculty of economics and faculty of electrical engineering.
The orientation towards the faculty of economics is more
under the influence of personal benefit, while the decision to
study electrical engineering is dominantly the result of
hedonistic motives (motives of satisfaction). H2: Students’
satisfaction with the faculty of electrical engineering is at
higher level than that of the students of economics, due to its
hedonist origins. The research was conducted on a stratified
proportional sample of 801 students from Faculties of
Economics in Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek, and 297 students
from Faculties of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb and Split.
The study was carried out in groups, by means of a structured
questionnaire, during lectures, by third-year students of
the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. The results obtained supported
the first hypothesis, but the second only in part. Students’ motives for entering the faculties of electrical engineering
are dominantly hedonistic in character – satisfaction with
the subject of study and their future job, interest in this field
of science and because of their friends who enrolled in the
same faculty, while the dominant motives of economics’
students were those of personal benefit – prospects for
employment, higher salaries and interesting job expectations.

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