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New Phenomenology – A Step forward on the Path Towards Reconciliation Between Philosophy of Life and Phenomenology?

Damir Smiljanić ; Universität Novi Sad, Philosophische Fakultät, Dr Zorana Đinđića 2, RS–21000 Novi Sa

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In the paper, by using New phenomenology as an example, I attempt to show that in the historical context we might be able to productively overcome the barriers that originate in the debate between Dilthey and Husserl, which might lead to the rejuvenation of ways of thinking practised by philosophers of life. Firstly, I demonstrate the difference between Dilthey as the philosopher of life and Edmund Husserl as the founder of (old) phenomenology. Secondly, I sketch the continuation of this debate in Misch’s hermeneutical philosophy of life (the logic of life). In the central part of the paper, I provide a presentation of the reconstruction of spontaneous life experience by neophenomenologist Schmitz, and in that way, it shows that the problems of life can be examined phenomenologically without taking a position opposite of the philosophy of life. The final section of the paper is dedicated to the revealing of certain topoi of the philosophy of life in the light of innovating phenomenology. The most complex task to do is understand how to define the notion of life, in which helps the integrative way of observing phenomena.

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New phenomenology, philosophy of life, phenomenology, life notions, Wilhelm Dilthey, Edmund Husserl, Georg Misch, Hermann Schmitz

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