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A Contemporary Approach to the Development of Students' Musical Taste in Music Art Classes

Ivana Senjan ; Gimnazija dr. Ivana Kranjčeva Đurđevac Đurđevac, Hrvatska

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The listener's musical taste is part of a general culture that is shaped in the long term by aesthetic education in music classes, and through interaction of many influential factors, the most distinct being the characteristics of music, the context of listening, and the listener’s individual traits. At the level of secondary education, contemporary music pedagogy emphasizes the need to intensify the psychosocial approach to teaching, with the aim of forming students' attitudes about music they listen to through aesthetic perception of music and their need for valuable musical achievements in everyday life. This approach reveals the difference between "knowledge of music" and "musical knowledge", that is, the distinction between the existing diachronic model in teaching Music Art and contemporary models of teaching. The paper will present a one-year experimental curriculum of Music Arts, which originates in the model of musical preferences - the Reciprocal Response Model (Hargreaves, MacDonald, & Miell, 2005). Furthermore, it will show the results of the school year 2015/16 at Dr Ivan Kranjčev Gymnasium (secondary general-education school) in Đurđevac that indicate a positive impact of the experimental teaching model on students’ musical taste.

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musical preference; musical taste; music class; models of teaching music

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