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Integrated Seminar Papers as the Result of a Project-Based Teaching

Dina Vojvodić ; Muzička škola „Dr. Miloje Milojević“ Kragujevac Kragujevac, Srbija
Vladimir B. Perić ; Muzička škola „Dr. Miloje Milojević“ Kragujevac Kragujevac, Srbija

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Starting with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and John Dewey’s project teaching, the paper exposes the effects of teaching students by means of the technique of writing scientific papers. The format of students’ expressing themselves in a written form is a seminar paper, outlined according to the integrated teaching model in music school. This comparative and aesthetic approach of writing students’ papers encompasses the subjects of Music theory, History of music, National history of music and the Serbian language and literature.
The possibilities provided by such an approach are multiple and relate to: acquiring students’ skills in the domain of academic writing before entering a university, and which is certainly required by standards related to writing essays, vocational texts and summaries of other texts; enhancing school climate, ethos, not only among students, but also among teachers included in the process. The number of subjects whose content can be interconnected in a specific topic is not limited, and it equally relates to narrower vocational, music and general education subjects. The outcomes of this method of work are focused on the most possible functional meeting demands, which each subject individually brings along.
What is particularly important is the overcoming curriculum incompatibilities of different subjects when writing seminar papers, by means of anticipating the subject or by revising material. The block teaching format in the form of round table for students of various grades, in such conceived teaching, enables students’ exchange of experiences, peer education and strengthening of students’ critical abilities.
Such school practice comes, not only from long-standing work of Integrated teaching team of music school “Dr Miloje Milojević” in Kragujevac, but also from the need of coordinators of the teaching process to adapt and transfer knowledge acquired during doctoral studies of musicology to students.

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seminar paper; project teaching; outcomes; student competences

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