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Sports, Physical Activity and Eating Habits of Young People as a Predictor of a Healthy Lifestyle

Marijana Škutor ; Sveučilište Hercegovina Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina

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The aim of this paper was to determine the attitudes of young people toward sport, physical activity and nutritional habits for the purpose of determining a possibility of a (non)healthy lifestyle. The problem of research was the acceptance of unhealthy lifestyles in young people, such as reduced physical and sports activities, and an unhealthy diet. The research was conducted on a sample of 545 subjects of which 365 were female and 180 male subjects aged 18-35. The respondents self-assessed their sports and physical activity and nutritional habits. A five-part instrument was conducted with a prior agreement with the research institutions. According to the results obtained, sports activities have a statistically significant effect on the attitudes of young people toward a healthy lifestyle. The results show that the highest mean values were obtained for the variable: I wish to strengthen my health by the means of physical exercise (M = 4.12, SD = 1.032), life should be organized in a way that included daily physical exercise (M = 3.97, SD =, 896). According to the results, the respondents are aware of the importance that physical exercise has on the improvement of the quality of life, as well as dietary habits, suggesting that 66.1% of respondents have three or four meals a day, while 17.1% have five or more meals per day. The results were processed using the Statistical Program for Social Scientists 20 (SPSS20) statistical program. The arithmetic mean, standard deviation and variation are shown for every assessment.

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sports; youth; nutrition; physical activity; healthy lifestyle

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