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Sequentiality, Consequentiality and Asyndetism in Subordination

Ismail Palić orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Sarajevu

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The article has showed that the asyndetic clause linking mechanism in complex sentences is applicable not only in coordination (parataxis) but also in subordination (hypotaxis). Nevertheless, as far as sequentiality and consequentiality are considered, it is confirmed that asyndetism is much less present in subordination compared to coordination. Temporal sequentiality is always asyndetically coded by applying the principle of iconic representation. It means that the order of clauses reflects the order of the sequential discourse parts. In that case we encounter the coordinated sentence structures. The principle of iconic representation is normally applied in the process of asyndetic linking of clauses that are in the semantic relation of consequetiality as well. However, the iconicity principle can also be violated which makes it possible to signalize subordination (cf. Srušio se, pogođen je u glavu). This procedure works only when the basic causative-consecutive semantic relation is included.

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sequentiality; consequentiality; asyndetism; subordination (hipotaxis); iconic representation

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