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Prediction of the pre-accession process of a selected company based on the calculation of the Altman Z–score indicator and the BEX indicator

Josip Kereta orcid id ; Veleučilište Baltazar Zaprešić, Zaprešić, Hrvatska
Deni Barišić

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Today, in the times of the world economic recession, more and more importance is given to financial analysis, indicators of bankruptcy and excellence performance. The daily task of the management team and experts is the prediction of future results. The information represents the largest capital a company can own and consequently be able to react in time. The global economic recession has greatly hampered the company Jadran and it received a solution of a pre-accession settlement procedure from FINA in 2017. The Altman Z-score indicators could have predicted potential bankruptcy, there was a link between the Altman Z-score index and the initiation of the pre-accession process in the company. Also, the BEX indicator could have predicted the potential bankruptcy of the company, and there was a link between the BEX indicator and the initiation of the pre-accession process in the company Jadran. The secondary research was conducted in the form of a study
of the available scientific and professional literature. The primary research, based on the financial statements, consisted of calculating Altman’s Z-score and BEX ratios for the six years before initiation of the pre-accession process. It can be concluded that the potential bankruptcy of the company could have been predicted. The company should have paid more attention to financial indicators and forecasts and made decisions based on financial analysis so it could avoid negative business results.

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financial analysis; the bankruptcy procedure; Z–score; BEX indicator

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