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Bioethics in High School Classes

Berislav Čović orcid id ; Filozofski fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Hrvatska
Mile Marinčić orcid id ; Visoka škola Ivanić-Grad, Ivanić-Grad, Hrvatska

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We are witnesses of an attempt to enforce the curriculum reform in Croatia, as well as a proposal of a school for life. While the intent of this presentation is not to analyse the curriculum reform, it is important to mention that the curriculum reform, within the framework of the general educational group of subjects, kept the subjects like Ethics and Religion. Unfortunately, some subjects, such as History, Biology or Chemistry could lose their hours in the long run. The reason for bringing this up is simple. It could happen, and this would in no way be good, that within the corpus of teachers a devaluation of certain subjects occurs, as well as animosity among colleagues. When we take a look at the statements of certain politicians3 on some subjects (their importance and unimportance), the status of professors etc. we see just how much Croatia needs the constant repetition of the fact that a wholesome, well-rounded, mature individual is not made by brilliance in the STEM area nor excellence in natural sciences, but that very same individual also must strive for excellence and well-roundedness in the cultural, ethical, moral, and any other sense which makes up one of the wheels in the wholesomeness of a person. Any curriculum process, school for life or something of the sort, which would exclude some of the segments in the process of education in terms of the wholesomeness of a human being could only damage society on all levels in the long run.

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bioethics, society, Croatia, curriculum reform, education, responsibility, school subjects

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