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Svetozar Petrović on the National Question: Introductory Considerations

Predrag Brebanović ; Filološki fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu

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str. 121-151

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Despite seemingly not taking a prominent place in the hierarchy of
his interests, the national question plays an important role in the
oeuvre of literary scholar Svetozar Petrović. Therefore, the article
diachronically traces the various aspects of Petrović's engagement
with the nation. The emphasis is on the continuity evident in this
regard from his early Indological to late works in the field of verse
theory. Particular attention is paid to the author's attitude towards
the language and critique of the essentialist approach to the nation
that such a relationship entails. In conclusion, Petrović's understanding
of philology is seen not only as an attempt to overcome Yugoslav
nationalisms, but also as a distinct contribution to the philosophy of
history and culture.

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Svetozar Petrović; nation; nationalism; Yugoslavia; philology; Serbs; Croats

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