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The influence of ultrafiltration of whole or partially skimmed milk on feta type cheeses’ composition and properties

Andrea Harjač
Ljubica Tratnik ; Prehrambeno-biotehnološki fakultet, Pierottijeva 6, 10000 Zagreb
Rajka Božanić
Damir Kozlek

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The application of ultrafiltration in Feta cheese production is widely used especially due to maximal utilization of all milk components, the highest cheese yield and more economic production as well.
The aim of this work was to investigate the influence of different concentrated milk samples (whole milk, 3x and 5x concentrated, or partially skimmed milk with 1.8% milk fat, 2x and 3x concentrated) on production parameters, chemical composition and sensory properties of experimental Feta cheese samples during ripening in brine at 12°C. The control cheese samples from non-concentrated whole and partially skimmed milk were also produced. These samples obtained better sensory scores, during the entire ripening time (28 days), compared to experimental Feta cheese samples. The highest chemical changes were recorded for the experimental Feta cheeses from ultrafiltered whole milk, where total solid content increased for about 24% after 14 days of ripening. In a case of Feta cheeses produced from ultrafiltered partially skimmed milk, the total solid content increased only for about 10%. Furthermore, cheeses from ultrafiltered partially skimmed milk, 2x concentrated, possessed similar composition and sensory properties to control cheese samples from non-concentrated partially skimmed milk. In this case the highest protein content (50%) and the lowest fat content (36%) in total solids of cheeses, was obtained. These cheese samples possessed also the best taste after 28 days of ripening in brine. For ripening of cheeses from ultrafiltered whole milk the brine with 20% NaCl was necessary, but for another Feta cheese samples the brine with 10% NaCl was desired. The highest cheese yield (59%) was obtained from ultrafiltered whole milk, 5x concentrated.

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Feta type cheeses, ultrafiltration, production, composition, yield, sensory properties

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