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Dry-cured ham production in the world and in Croatia

Marina Krvavica ; Veleučilište Marko Marulić Knin, Petra Krešimira IV 30, 22300 Knin
Jelena Đugum ; Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede, šumarstva i vodnog gospodarstva, Ulica grada Vukovara 78, Zagreb

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The production of dry-cured ham is traditionally tied to Mediterranean countries, especially Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Croatia, where numerous, different dry-cured ham types and the most famous types as well come from. The properties of dry-cured ham types depend on numerous factors such as: genotype and breeding technology, age and final body weight of hogs, as well as climatic conditions, row ham quality, processing differences etc. The most famous dry-cured ham types are: Italy - Prosciutto di Parma, Prosciutto di San Daniele, Prosciutto di Modena, Prosciutto di Carpagena, Prosciutto Toscano and Prosciutto Venetto Berico-Euganeo; Spain - Iberian Guijuelo and Teruel dry-cured ham and Serrano dry-cured ham; France - Jambon de Bayonne, which are items entered in the European Commission registers of certain products (PDO, PGI and TSG). Thus, the processing technology of these products is standardized and their names are protected, so this was a large contribution to protecting traditional technology and products high quality as well as proper high market price of products. Croatian traditional dry-cured ham types, Dalmatian and Istrian dry-cured ham is high quality products as well as dry-cured ham types above. The tradition in their production is not doubtful nor is their particular properties which make them different from all other Mediterranean dry-cured ham types. So, it is necessary to protect their names on the EU level, respectively entered them on European Commission registers of certain products (PDO, PGI and TSG).

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Dry-cured ham types, Dalmatian dry-cured ham, Istrian dry-cured ham

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