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Global Health and Interest of the State

Petar Popović orcid id ; Fakultet političkih znanosti, Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 103-120

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The coronavirus pandemic is the last in a row of global crises that have‎ shed light on the reach and the limitations of international relations theories, especially‎ contemporary realism. The conventional analytical framework that narrows‎ international political relations down to just two levels of analysis, the national and‎ the international, seems inadequate for considering the issue of global health management.‎ This article, therefore, intends to highlight the complex character of and‎ the logic behind global spatial order in the area of global health from the perspective‎ of the sociology of globalization. The implications for the state and its interest‎ are reflected in the dramatic proliferation of different private actors, from pharmaceutical‎ industries to various corporate and philanthropic initiatives. Their expansion‎ has facilitated the positioning of particularly Western economic and military‎ forces in the power arena of global management. However, market logic and the‎ diffuse power of global health have been generating serious global health imbalances‎ between the developed and underdeveloped societies, between strong and‎ weak states. Global disproportion i.e. the catastrophic sanitary conditions in the‎ Third World are in fact the root of potential threats and pandemic outbreaks which,‎ in turn, threaten the very global order. The crucial question thus becomes: What is‎ actually the strategic interest of the state in a global health era?‎

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global management, global health, the state, interest, international organization

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