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Connecting Mathematics and Music in Preschool Education

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Josipa Vukelić

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In this paper, we wanted to explore the essential components of mathematics and music and determine the possibility of integrating them into preschool education. Basic mathematical concepts, on which the development of each child's intellectual ability depends, are formed in the preschool age. By combining components of elements from mathematics and music, we can see their connection in terms of symmetry, values and measurements, and pattern recognition.

Through various musical activities, children can acquire certain skills that precede the learning of mathematical operations. Thus, we can practice our comparison making mathematical skill with children by comparing the long and short tones, the treble and the deep tones, the loud and quiet sounds, and the mathematical skill of counting by performing suitable music games, rhymes, and songs in which numbers are mentioned.

Counting in rhymes and songs helps a child in learning both the notion of numbers and mathematical operations such as addition and subtraction. Games that combine music and mathematics usually use music as a driving force for a productive and dynamic educational environment. Rhythm and melody help in the process of mathematical thinking as children receive information directly and as a whole. That is why it is important to connect music and mathematics in preschool education as often as possible.

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early childhood education, games, mathematics, music, preschool children, songs

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