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Philosophy of Love – Love as Creation, Freedom in Lasting and Growth

Darija Rupčić Kelam ; Sveučilište J. J. Strossmayera u Osijeku, Filozofski fakultet, Lorenza Jägera 9, HR–31000 Osijek

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The intention and the guiding thought is to highlight the phenomenon of love because it unjustly became marginalised in the contemporary scientific discourse, including philosophy, especially from today’s perspective of the ultimate and complete commodification of human relations. The crucial part of the paper is the emphasis on the creative potential and revolutionary strength – and the emerging freedom as a vital moment – of the love as a permanent corrective and the possibility of changing and revolutionising existing relationships and individuals. The fundamental theses of the paper regarding the radicalism of love, the love that lasts and is not exhausted in one encounter, and the love that permanently triumphs before the challenges posed by space, time, and the world in which it finds itself ‘in a bind’, surrounded and endangered by the contemporary condition. That being said, the primary contribution of this paper is directed at defending love and restarting the philosophical debate regarding the essence of love. Exposing love to risk and adventure, and with it opposing the security and comfort of the prevailing culture of the commodification of everything becomes both its defence as an uncompromising philosophical task par excellence.

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love, freedom, creativeness, philosophy of love, commodification, Alain Badiou

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