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The Contribution of Institutional Support in Reducing Risk at Work to the Job Satisfaction of Police Offi cers

Krunoslav Borovec ; Visoka policijska škola, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Iva Balgač ; Policijska akademija, zagreb, Hrvatska
Stjepan Gluščić ; Visoka policijska škola, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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This paper in its introductory section provides an overview of the literature and the results of scientific research in the area of job satisfaction and risks associated with the police service. In this regard, the consensus of scientists that police work is one of the highest risk occupations has been confirmed because it is associated with a range of different risks to the health, physical integrity and life of police officers, and which is related to their job satisfaction.
The aim of the study was to determine the satisfaction of police officers with their employment status and their assessment of the current state of institutional protection and support provided by the police organisation, and further to determine which of the established mechanisms of protection and support are significant predictors of satisfaction with the employment status of police officers. The research was conducted by means of a survey on a representative sample (N = 991) of Croatian police officers, while the results were processed by descriptive statistics and a hierarchical regression analysis in the SPSS statistical package. The results confirm the significant contribution of some of the institutional forms of protection and support as a predictor of satisfaction with the employment status of police officers. This research shows the direction in which strategies for ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for police officers should be created and developed. The limitations of the research lie in the fact that the results are based on the respondents’ self-assessment and that a limited number of predictor variables are included in the research.

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police, satisfaction, occupational risks, institutional support, safe working environment

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