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The relationship between motoric efficiency of pupils and the ways of didactical proces of sport teachers

Franc Cankar ; Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo in šport, Ljubljana, Slovenija

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A sample of 485 pupils of both sexes from the sixth and seventh grade of elementary schools was investigated to find out the correlation between the motor skills and morphological specific qualities of pupils related to dimensions of educational influence of sport teachers. The dimensions of educational influence of sport teachers are defined the five instruments:
- encouraged interpersonal relations and understanding
- open and clear communication
- specific expert competence
- educational strategy
- leadership
The pupils of both sexes, who evaluated the teacher's educational influence, were also measured with battery of eleven units of measure for motor skills and morphological specifics. The data were processed by means of canonical correlation analysis. The study has established that boys and girls with strong endurance at continuous resistance and with spanning, explosive power and fine regulation of movements respect mostly those school sports teachers who demand highly social relations in their leadership. The girls also have high esteem on teacher’s opennes to communication, and the boys the teacher's educational strategy. The findings demonstrate that pupils’ interpretation of sport experience, and thus the expectations of their sport teacher depend a great deal on the developmental level of their motor skills.

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physical education, motorics, pupils, primary school, sports teacher

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