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Anthropomorphism Today – the Destiny of Protagoras’ Impulse

Josip Guć orcid id ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Filozofski fakultet, Poljička cesta 35, HR–21000 Split

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In this paper I examine the role of anthropomorphic thinking today, especially in bioethics. In this context, the ban on anthropomorphism, which was until recently considered almost as an axiom, is particularly significant. The first part of the presentation considers the justification and consequences of this ban, where I especially refer to the insights of Hans Jonas. The second part of the presentation tries to offer answers to the issue of justification of anthropomorphism in bioethics, where the connection between anthropomorphism and anthropocentrism is also examined. Anthropocentrism is often considered as one of the main premises of in some way already actual ecological apocalypse. By playing with metaphors, one can set the fundamental question of this presentation as follows: does anthropomorphism originate from the “heart of darkness” that spawned the “apocalypse now”?

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anthropomorphism, anthropocentrism, bioethics, Protagoras, Hans Jonas, teleology, animals, responsibility, ecological crisis

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